Summer 2018 awards announced

The 20th season of the Maui Adult Baseball League came to a close on December 16 with the All-Star Game in Lahaina. The Mauka team, made up of players representing the Dirtbags, Pirates, Royals, and Warriors defeated the Makai team, comprised of players from the Brewers, Centipedes, Hurricanes, and Rays, by a score of 13-6. View photos >>

After the game, the league awards were announced with the results listed below.

MVP: Enmanuel Yajure Peña (West Maui Brewers, receiving 51% of votes cast)
Cy Young: Kory Takamura (Central Rays, 62%)
Rookie of the Year: Kirk Bender (West Maui Brewers, 45%)
Manager of the Year: Mike Abercrombie (West Maui Brewers, 40%)
Batting Champion: Enmanuel Yajure Peña (West Maui Brewers, .564)
Gold Glove: Brendan Gripp (Makena Royals, 28%)
Most Improved: Tavner Dyckman (Lahaina Warriors, 28%) and Ty Roberts (West Maui Brewers, 28%)
Kenneth Talbot Award: Oscar Duran (Central Rays, 28%)

In addition, Mike Gerrity of the Brewers, Josh Hansen, Ryan Swindle, and Jeremiah Weaver of the Centipedes, Tim Page of the Dirtbags, John Davis and Dusty Newkirk of the Pirates, Jeff Murray, Nelson Okamura, and Kory Takamura of the Rays, and Edgar Cordero, Mitchell Crim, and Jimmy Farr of the Royals were recognized for playing in their 100th MABL games this season.

From left to right: Jeremiah Weaver, Tavner Dyckman, Brendan Gripp, Oscar Duran, Enmanuel Yajure Peña, Kirk Bender, Ty Roberts, Mike Abercrombie, Ryan Swindle

Congratulations to the members of the MABL Mauka and Makai All-Star teams, as well as the award winners on their impressive seasons. Thank you to all the players and fans who contributed to the success of the Summer 2018 Maui Adult Baseball League season. The upcoming Spring 2019 season will begin at the end of January, with Opening Day scheduled for Sunday, January 27. Check back soon as more details will be announced in the coming weeks.

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