The Maui Adult Baseball League (MABL) was formed in 2009 to provide men age 25 and older competitive recreational baseball programs that emphasize fun, enjoyment, camaraderie and sportsmanship. Mature attitudes must prevail regardless of the competitive nature of the league. Above all, we are here to have fun and play the game we love. The responsibility of keeping this premise is equally borne by the Commissioner, team managers, players, umpires and fans.

MABL is currently in its 21st season and has expanded to 8 teams with over 120 active players.

Commissioner: Mike Abercrombie
Team Representatives: Rich Doster (UD, Head of the Board)
John Hamilton (WB)
Jay Rigsby (LP)
Byrant Sparkman (CR)
Gregg Coulson (PH)
Matt Newsome (LW)
Ryan Swindle (KC)
Chuck Collins (MR)
Honorary Members: Anthony Benigno
Steve Mearriam
Kory Takamura

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Summer 2019 Board Meeting Minutes >>
Spring 2020 Board Meeting Minutes >>