Summer 2019 awards announced

The Summer 2019 season wrapped up on December 15 with the MABL All-Star Game, Awards ceremony, and HR Derby at Eddie Tam Park in Makawao. The Makai team, made up of players representing the Brewers, Rays, Warriors, and Dirtbags defeated the Mauka team, comprised of players from the Pirates, Centipedes, Royals, and Hurricanes, 6-3.

Following the game, the end-of-season awards were announced as follows:

MVP: Enmanuel Yajure (West Maui Brewers)
Cy Young: Joseph McFarlin (La Perouse Pirates)
Rookie of the Year: Pedro RĂ­os (Makena Royals)
Manager of the Year: Chuck Collins (Makena Royals)
Batting Champion: Enmanuel Yajure (West Maui Brewers)
Gold Glove: Mitchell Crim (Makena Royals)
Most Improved: Bryant Sparkman (Central Rays)
Kenneth Talbot Award: Jaime Perez (Head Umpire)

Yajure became the second triple crown winner in league history (.604 AVG, 19 RBI, 1 HR) and won his unprecedented 3rd league MVP award. Yajure’s .604 batting average is the 3rd highest single season mark in MABL history. The Pirates’ McFarlin became to fourth pitcher to win multiple MABL Cy Young awards, and the first since Barry Takahashi in 2011 to win them in back-to-back seasons.

In addition, Ken Henry, Mike Abercrombie, and Enmanuel Yajure of the Brewers, Dreyson Cordova and Howdy MacPherson of the Dirtbags, Damin Foltz of the Hurricanes, Chuck Collins from the Royals, and the Warriors’ Kaipo Treu played in their 100th career MABL games during the Summer 2019 season. The Brewers’ John Hamilton became the 15th player in league history to play in 200 games.

The day’s festivities concluded with the HR Derby, which featured 13 of the league’s top hitters. The Brewers’ Mike Abercrombie (6 total) edged out rookie Anthony Valeriano (5) of the Centipedes in a 3rd round swing-off to take home HR Derby honors. Elias Steadman (4) of the Pirates and Ryan Swindle of the Centipedes (3) also advanced past the initial round. Check out photos from the Derby here, with full results listed below.

Player Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3
Anthony Valeriano 3 2 0
David Disabella 1
Elias Steadman 3 1
Michael Kiesler 1
Tim Connell 0
Al Haar 0
Mike Abercrombie 3 2 1
Bryant Sparkman 0
Jeff Tucker 1
Jharid Racadio 0
Ryan Swindle 2 1
Anthony Benigno 0
Jonah Abreu 0

Congratulations to all who partook in All-Star Game weekend festivities, and thank you to all the players and fans who contributed to another successful season for the Maui Adult Baseball League. The Spring 2020 season is just around the corner with a projected January 26 start date.

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