MABL Awards Announced

The 19th season of MABL play wrapped up on July 15 with the league All-Star Game at Maehara Stadium. The Makai team, comprised of players from the Centipedes, Rays, Pirates, and Hurricanes defeated the Mauka team (Brewers, Dirtbags, Royals, and Warriors) by a score of 7-2.

Following the game, the end-of-season award winners were announced with results listed below. A total of 101 votes were cast, with the players’ choices matching fan votes in each case.

MVP: Enmanuel Yajure Peña (West Maui Brewers, receiving 61% of votes cast)
Cy Young: Randy Button (Kihei Centipedes, 43%)
Rookie of the Year: Jordan Hansen (Kihei Centipedes, 58%)
Manager of the Year: Mike Abercrombie (West Maui Brewers, 29%)
Batting Champion: Ken Henry (West Maui Brewers, .500)
Gold Glove: Baba Cazimero (Upcountry Dirtbags, 37%)
Most Improved: Calvin Johnson (Upcountry Dirtbags, 40%)
Kenneth Talbot Award: Apple Landerman (Pacific Hurricanes, 52%)

In addition, Jonah Abreu and John Ito of the Rays and Andy Michaels of the Brewers were recognized for playing in their 200th MABL games this season, a feat accomplished by only 10 players in the history of the league. Rai Johnson, of the Pacific Hurricanes, was recognized for becoming only the third player in league history to pitch in 100 career games.

From left to right: Ken Henry, Enmanuel Yajure Peña, Mike Abercrombie, Randy Button, Apple Landerman, Jordan Hansen, Rai Johnson, Jonah Abreu, John Ito (not pictured: Baba Cazimero, Calvin Johnson, Andy Michaels)

Congratulations to the members of the MABL Mauka and Makai All-Star teams, as well as the award winners on their impressive seasons. Thank you to all the players and fans who helped make the Spring 2018 season of the Maui Adult Baseball League so successful. Stayed tuned for details of the Summer 2018 season, which will open up with a full slate of games on Sunday, August 5.


  1. Very good & competitive game today – it was my pleasure to be able to participate by being one of the umpires. It was nice to see the mutual “respect” and “friendship” these players shared among themselves. The sportsmanship this league has is to be commended…even when us umpires “miss a call” every so often. (Surprise we’re HUMAN. Ha.)
    If I may ask a favor…I was asked by the players to join them in one of their group pictures – I would APPRECIATE it if someone could please forward to me that picture – I would like to send it to my umpire group on the mainland.
    Many “Thanks” for allowing me to be on the field with the players today.
    Larry Anderson, Umpire

    1. Thanks Larry for being a part of this league! We have a lot of competitive guys out there that can flat out play some baseball and love it! I’ll notify Brendan Gripp of the Makena Royals to forward you that photo!
      Randy, Centipedes

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