MABL All Star Game in Kihei

The Summer 2017 All Star Game was held at Kalama Park in Kihei on January 8. A team of All Stars from the Brewers, Rays, Royals, and Centipedes managed by Tom Kowalick of the Central Rays defeated the All Stars from the Pirates, Dirtbags, Warriors, and Hurricanes, managed by Rich Doster of the Upcountry Dirtbags, by a score of 5-4. The game capped off the Maui Adult Baseball League’s 18th season.

All Star Representatives:
Brewers: Mike Abercrombie, Enmanuel Yajure-Pena, John Hamilton, Mike Gerrity
Rays: Jeremy Loque, Bryant Sparkman, Oscar Duran, John Ito
Royals: Mitchell Crim, Edgar Cordero, Justin Cayaban
Centipedes: Shaun Doyle, Brendan Gripp, Michael McAllister, Tony Gracia
Pirates: Steve Mearriam
Dirtbags: Jason Dennis, Fausto Allosada, Rich Doster
Warriors: Kimo Kirkman, Kaipo Treu
Hurriances: Patrick Johnson, Ben Dombrowski, Leah Mark

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