Dirtbags’ Lettieri named POTM

Frank Lettieri of the Upcountry Dirtbags was named the MABL Player of the Month for March. Lettieri received 40% of the 98 votes cast after slashing .563/.611/.625 over five games last month. The Dirtbags’ shortstop also led the league in runs (9), hits (9), stolen bases (7) and total bases (10) over that span, becoming only the second player to win multiple Player of the Month awards since the recognition was started during the Spring 2018 season (see below).

To recognize Frank’s achievement, he will receive an MABL dri-fit shirt. Congratulations to all the March POTM candidates on their nominations!

Player Team Month
Frank Lettieri UD Mar 2024
Brian Christina KM Feb 2024
Brooks Faria KM Apr 2023
Brandon Kagrise WB Mar 2023
Dan Katayama WB Feb 2023
Frank Lettieri UD Oct 2022
John Lamb LW Sep 2022
Isaiah Maddela MR Aug 2022
Roman Tillman KC Apr 2022
Chazz Ishikawa MR Mar 2022
Wes Troyan LW Feb 2022
Jacob Tiu MR Oct 2021
Michael Kiesler KC Oct 2021
Anthony Valeriano KC Sep 2021
Kanale Kahalekai KC Aug 2021
Kevin Spaise KC Apr 2021
Matthew Reidy KC Mar 2021
Kaimana Ancog CR Feb 2021
Elias Steadman LP Jan 2021
Apple Landerman PH Sep 2020
Jerry Ayala LP Aug 2020
Justin Jamison LW Feb 2020
Matt Newsome LW Oct 2019
Pedro Rios MR Sep 2019
Jonah Abreu CR Aug 2019
Ikaika Neizman LW Apr 2019
David Disabella LW Mar 2019
Nelson Okamura CR Feb 2019
Enmanuel Yajure WB Oct 2018
Austin Beesley LP Sep 2018
Ryan Swindle KC Aug 2018
Chad Blackwell PH Apr 2018
Enmanuel Yajure WB Mar 2018
Ken Henry WB Feb 2018

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