Summer 2012 Rosters – Lahaina Warriors

Kimo Kirkman
Gonzo Gonsalves
Brian Arakawa
Ikaika Niezman
John Ries
Shanny Mederios
Jeff Zaverl
Emmett Markulis
Anthony Benigno
Kaholo Rickard
Joey Spenser
Kurt Peterson
Jon Wheeler
Justin Newsome
Ikaika Dukes


  • 8/20/2012 – Week 7 – Remove Boom Casco
  • 8/20/2012 – Week 7 – Add Joey Spenser
  • 8/26/2012 – Week 8 – Add Ikaika Dukes

One Response to “Summer 2012 Rosters – Lahaina Warriors”

  1. Kathleen Lopez says:

    Like to followyour stats. My son plays on the warriors team (John Reis) living on Oahu this is how I follow his games

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