Free Agency and Player Moves

We have greatly simplified the rules for player acquisition and player moves.  From here on out, all players new and old are free agents.

Before a Season Starts

You are free to move to new teams at any time before a season starts.  If you were on a team in the previous season, you should inform your previous manager of your plans to leave as soon as possible.  That way they can find a replacement for you.

In order to join a new team you must gain the approval of your new manager.  That is all that is required.


During the Season

You are free to move to new teams at any time during the season as well.  Both your existing and new manager must approve any player moves.

Note that Playoff Eligibility is based on games played with your current team.  You must play 5 games with your new team in order to play in the Playoffs with that team.


2 Responses to “Free Agency and Player Moves”

  1. Paulo Azevedo says:

    i would like to sign up as a new player this year. any outfield position would be fine. is there anything else i should do?

  2. Squirl Gilbert says:

    infield, outfield, pitcher

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