Summer 2012 All Star Selections

Posted on November 11th, 2012 by Brian Teeter

Aloha All!

The Summer 2012 Regular Season has come to an end.  It was a great season filled with exciting baseball.  As we roll into the playoffs, I want to announce each team selection’s for the All Star teams.

As you know, each team nominates 3 players from their squad to represent their team in the season ending All Star Game.  In addition, league’s Team Managers and Board of Directors collectively vote to select 6 more deserving players to the All Star game.

This season’s selections are shown below.  Congratulations to all who were selected.

This season’s All Star game will be held next Sunday 11/18 in Lahaina at noon.  Come early to cheer on our older teammates in the first ever 40+ division game preceding the All Star game!  Also, regular season player awards will be announced prior to the All Star game.


All Star Team Managers:

Tom Kowalick – Central Rays (1st place)

Tom will be managing the All Star Team made up of the Rays, Pirates, Brewers and Navigators All Stars.


Rich Doster – Upcountry Dirtbags (2nd place)

Rich will be managing the All Star Team made up of the Dirtbags, Warriors, Marlins and Centipedes All Stars.



All Star Player Selections:


  • Cheney Higa
  • Kevin Spaise
  • Brian Teeter



  • Timmy Tano
  • Dusty Newkirk
  • Carlos
  • Jose Velasco



  • Ryan Silva
  • Chad Walla
  • Cory Wray



  • Oscar Duran
  • Rai Johnson
  • Mikey Marinello
  • John Davis



  • Ikaika Neizman
  • John Reis
  • Anthony Benignio
  • Justin Newsome



  • Sam Davis
  • Jay Rigsby
  • Steve Meriams



  • Tim Page
  • Josh Meier
  • Dave Perzinski
  • Daimar Tamarack



  • Jeremy Loque
  • Aaron Loque
  • Travis Castillo
  • Jonah Abreu
  • James Ballao







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  1. Joel says:

    Congratulations to Brian Teeter for making his 3rd consecutive all star game!

    • Brian Teeter says:

      Thanks Joel, very kind of you to notice. I’ve actually been nominated an All Star every season I’ve played since my first – including each season I participated in prior to being the league Commissioner.

      I certainly didn’t get there for my pitching this season, but of the regulars on the Centipedes, I did if I remember right, lead the team in hitting. I guess that counts for something.

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