MABL Summer 2015 All Star Game

Posted on January 5th, 2016 by Tom Kowalick

The Summer 2015 All Star game will be this Sunday in Lahaina at 10am. Season awards will be presented after the game.

Congratulations to this season’s All Stars!

This seasons All Star team names represent 2 oldest team names that no longer exist in our League.

Wild Things                                                    Mariners

Rays, Royals, Pirates & Brewers             Centipedes, Dirtbags, Hurricanes & Warriors

Manager: Tom Kowalick                                   Manager: Lief Smith

Brian Anderson                                                   Jacob Minkler

Aaron Loque                                                        Paul Skarbo

Jonah Abreu                                                         Ryan Swindle

Bryant Sparkman                                                Josh Hansen

Ty Roberts                                                            Tommy Hauptman

Rede Eder                                                             Jason Dennis

Mike Gerrity                                                         Josh Meier

John Hamilton                                                     Terrill Ash

Jose Velasco                                                         Kalaika Kahoohalahala

John Martin                                                         Austin Gupsis

Miguel Landron                                                   Dave Peterson

Daniel Morris                                                       Kevin Arrington

Arnold Alexander                                                Ken Henry

Todd Eskelin                                                       Ikaika Neizman

Mitchell Crim                                                      Dreyson Cordova

Richard Pultar                                                    Anthony Benigno





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Next Season and All-Star Game

Posted on January 3rd, 2016 by Paul Skarbo

The MABL 2016 Spring Season will begin February 21st!  The schedule will be announced as soon as permits are secured.  Open scrimmages to players and players interested in the league will start January 17th.  Check back for more details.

The 2015 Summer Season All-Star game will be played January 10th at 10am in Lahaina.  Don’t miss the exciting action and end of the season awards will be announced following the game.

Mahalo for a great 2015 Summer Season and Happy New Year!

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