Makawao games moved to Kihei today.

Posted on August 30th, 2015 by Paul Skarbo

Due to rain and continued rainy forecast, the Makawao games have been moved to Kihei today, 8/30.

Centipedes vs. Hurricanes at Kalama Park at 10am and
Dirtbags vs. Rays at Kalama Park at 1:15pm

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Next Three Weeks Schedule

Posted on August 12th, 2015 by Paul Skarbo

Below is the schedule for the next three weeks. We are hopeful to get permits for Lahaina in September. Please note if any games are rained out we have permits for Kihei as an alternative field.

Week Date Game Day Home Visitors Location Time
2 8/16 1 SUN Makena Royals vs La Perouse Pirates Maui High 10:00 AM
8/16 2 SUN Central Rays vs Kihei Centipedes Maui High 1:15 PM
8/16 3 SUN Upcountry Dirtbags vs West Maui Brewers Makawao 10:00 AM
8/16 4 SUN Pacific Hurricanes vs Lahaina Warriors Makawao 1:15 PM
3 8/23 1 SUN Lahaina Warriors vs Central Rays Maui High 10:00 AM
8/23 2 SUN La Perouse Pirates vs Upcountry Dirtbags Maui High 1:15 PM
8/23 3 SUN West Maui Brewers vs Kihei Centipedes Makawao 10:00 AM
8/23 4 SUN Makena Royals vs Pacific Hurricanes Makawao 1:15 PM
4 8/30 1 SUN West Maui Brewers vs Makena Royals Maui High 10:00 AM
8/30 2 SUN La Perouse Pirates vs Lahaina Warriors Maui High 1:15 PM
8/30 3 SUN Kihei Centipedes vs Pacific Hurricanes Makawao 10:00 AM
8/30 4 SUN Upcountry Dirtbags vs Central Rays Makawao 1:15 PM
9/6 SUN No Games – Labor Day Weekend (9/6)

Kihei will be the alternative field if any location is rained out. Check with your manager if the weather looks bad at your location.

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Summer 2015 Week 1 Scores

Posted on August 11th, 2015 by Tom Kowalick

At Maui High

Game 1:   Centipedes     1     Pirates     5     F

Game 2:     Warriors     5     Brewers     0     F

At Makawao

Hurricanes     21     Dirtbags     16     F

Rays                  2     Royals          3     F

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