Week 2 Playoff Update

Posted on October 23rd, 2012 by Brian Teeter

Aloha All,

Excellent news!  With the assistance of Mike Foley and his connections in Central Parks, we have been granted the use of the Stadium this weekend for the playoffs!

After conferring with the playoff team managers we’re going to have the following schedule of games at the Stadium:

  • 10am – Dirtbags vs Pirates Game 2
  • 1pm – Dirtbags vs Pirates Game 3 (if needed)


  • 4pm – Rays vs Warriors Game 2
  • 7pm – Rays vs Warriors Game 3 (if needed)

The current standings of the playoffs are:

  • Warriors up 1 – 0 vs the Rays
  • Dirtbags up 1 – 0 vs the Pirates

This weekend’s games will decide who moves on to the championship series next weekend!

Come out and enjoy a full day of games at the stadium!

If we do not have a Game 3 for either the Dirtbags/Pirates or Rays/Warriors games, we may try to do a pick up game of the folks who did not make the playoffs.  We have the stadium we should use it the best we can.  So, if you are coming to watch, bring your gear just in case, you might get to play in a pick up game.

Thanks – Brian

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Final Summer 2012 Standings and Playoffs

Posted on October 17th, 2012 by Brian Teeter

Summer 2012 Standings


Team W L PCT GB STRK Last Game
Central Rays 12 2 0.857 W1 Rays 10 – Brewers 5
Upcountry Dirtbags 11 3 0.786 1.0 W6 Dirtbags 16 – Marlins 2
La Perouse Pirates 8 6 0.571 4.0 L2 Pirates 15 – Navs 4
Lahaina Warriors 8 6 0.571 4.0 W1 Warriors 16 – Pedes 0
West Maui Brewers 8 6 0.571 4.0 L1 Rays 10 – Brewers 5
Maui Marlins 5 9 0.357 7.0 L1 Dirtbags 16 – Marlins 2
North Shore Navigators 3 11 0.214 9.0 L4 Pirates 15 – Navs 4
Kihei Centipedes 1 13 0.071 11.0 L1 Warriors 16 – Pedes 0


After a spirited season and an important final week of the season, the Pirates and Warriors earned the 3rd and 4th playoff seeds with their final week victories, besting the Brewers by tie breaks.


Playoff and Consolation Game Schedule

Here is the upcoming weekend’s playoff and consolation game schedule.  If you are playing the morning consolation games, stick around for the first round of the playoffs!


15 10/21 1 SUN Pirates at Dirtbags Makawao  1:15 PM
10/21 2 SUN Warriors at Rays Lahaina  1:15 PM
10/21 3 SUN Navigators at Centipedes Makawao  10:00 AM
10/21 4 SUN Brewers at Marlins Lahaina  10:00 AM

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Statistics Up To Date

Posted on October 14th, 2012 by Brian Teeter

Aloha All!

The web site has been updated once again with the latest box scores and statistics. Everything that has been turned in through week 13, is now on the site.

Check out your stats, and your favorite player stats using the links on the right side of the page.


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Week 13 Standings and Playoff Picture

Posted on October 8th, 2012 by Brian Teeter

Summer 2012 Standings

(As of 10.7.2012)

Team W L PCT GB STRK Last Game
Central Rays (x)
11 2 0.846 L1 Pedes Win by Forfeit
Upcountry Dirtbags (y) 9 3 0.750 1.5 W4 Dirtbags 7 – Pirates 5
West Maui Brewers 8 5 0.615 3.0 W3 Brewers 2 – Warriors 0
La Perouse Pirates 7 6 0.538 4.0 L2 Dirtbags 7 – Pirates 5
Lahaina Warriors 7 6 0.538 4.0 L3 Brewers 2 – Warriors 0
Maui Marlins 5 8 0.385 6.0 W2 Marlins 15 – Navs 4
North Shore Navigators 3 10 0.231 8.0 L4 Marlins 15 – Navs 4
Kihei Centipedes 1 12 0.077 10.0 W1 Pedes Win by Forfeit

(x) Clinched Division Title

(y) Clinched Playoff Birth


Playoff Clinches

The 5 time defending champion Central Rays clenched their playoff birth and league division title in Week 11 and will be returning to try to defend their title a record 6th time.

The Upcountry Dirtbags have clenched their playoff birth this week after moving to 9-3 in a solid victory over the perennially tough La Perouse Pirates.


Playoff Picture

The remaining two playoff spots are up for grabs between 3 teams going into week 14, the final week of the season. The Brewers, Pirates and Warriors are all contending for those final 2 spots.

The West Maui Brewers are in control of their own destiny.  If they win their week 14 match up against the Central Rays, they are guaranteed 3rd place and a birth to the playoffs! If the Brewers lose in week 14, they can still make the playoffs in 4th place, but then it gets complicated.

The La Perouse Pirates also control their destiny.  A win guarantees then 4th place at a minimum, and potentially 3rd place.


Situation 1: Brewers Win

Brewers Win they take 3rd place.  In that case if the Pirates win their week 14 game against the Navigators, the Pirates take 4th place, no matter the result of the Warriors/Centipedes game.  (The Pirates would win a tie breaker with the Warriors as they won that series 2 – 0.)

Situation 2: Brewers Lose, Pirates Win, Warriors Win

In this case, all 3 teams would finish 8-6.  So we would go to tie breakers.

  • Brewers vs Pirates, the series was tied 1-1, and the runs scored was also tied in their series.  The next tie breaker is total runs scored, and the Pirates would win based on total runs scored, so the Pirates would be ahead of the Warriors.
  • Pirates vs. Warriors, the series was 2-0 Pirates so they win this tie breaker.
  • Brewers vs Warriors, the series was tied 1-1, but Warriors win the tie breaker based on Runs scored, so tie breaker goes to the Warriors
  • Since the Pirates win both tie breakers, they would be in 3rd place, Warriors beat the Brewers, so they would be in 4th place, Brewers in 5th.

Situation 3: Brewers Lose, Pirates Lose, Warriors Win

The Warriors would be in 3rd place, 8-6, the Brewers in fourth, 8-6, Pirates in 5th, 7-7.


Situation 4: Brewers Lose, Pirates Win, Warriors Lose

The Pirates would be in 3rd place, 8-6, the Brewers in fourth, 8-6, Warriors in 5th, 7-7.



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