Open Scrimmage Sunday November 27th in Lahaina!

Posted on November 23rd, 2011 by Brian Teeter

Come out this Sunday and work off the Thanksgiving excess with a scrimmage at the Lahaina field!  We’ll be starting at the usual time 10am, but get there early for warmup and team selection.  Please bring $5 for the umpire.

If you have friends who want to join the league or who are interested in checking it out, this is a great time for them to come out and play.

See you then!

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Open Scrimmage Next 2 Sundays in Lahaina at 9:30am!

Posted on November 18th, 2011 by Brian Teeter

We are still having trouble getting permits to use the Makawao field, so we will be holding the next 2 Sunday scrimmages in Lahaina at 9:30am games starting at 10am.  That is this Sunday 11/20/11 and next Sunday 11/27/11.

All players are welcome, including past and prospective new players to the league.  Please arrive early for warm up and team selection.  Also please bring $5 – 10 for the umpire.   Thanks!

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Mikey fundraising for Livestrong!

Posted on November 17th, 2011 by Brian Teeter

Mikey Marcotte passed this to me and I wanted to share. If you can, please consider donating to this good cause:

Mikey Marcotte and the handlebar stache!

I was hoping it would be possible to spread the good word to the rest of the league that I am fundraising for prostate cancer research … and growing a mustache. (Rai would be proud) Along with Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong campaign, gentlemen across the nation are growing out the mustache to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other men’s health initiatives. The campaign is called “Movember”, and I have attached the link to my website. Any donations are greatly appreciated and fully tax deductible. The fundraiser ends November 30th. Thanks guys!


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Scrimmage Sunday at Kihei at 9:30am!

Posted on November 12th, 2011 by Brian Teeter

We were unable to get the Makawao field for this weekend’s scrimmage so we will be meeting again in Kihei at 9:30am on Sunday.

Last week we were short players so people who came got 7 and 8 at bats a piece! Come on out this week and get in a lot of practice at the plate and in the field!

All players are welcome to come join the scrimmage. If your a previous MABL player or a new player hoping to check out the league, come on down. All players should bring $5 to chip in for the umpire.

See you all then!

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Free Agency, New Players, Player Moves and Drafts

Posted on November 7th, 2011 by Brian Teeter

Aloha All!

We’ve adopted and published new rules for Free Agency, New Players joining the league, Player Moves and Drafting. I recommend all current and interested players take a look:

Free Agency, New Players, Player Moves and Drafts

These rules will help us maintain fairness and a sense of balance to the league going forward. They will also make some of our informal policies for players more formal. For future reference these rules are located in the menu to the right under the link for League Rules.

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Summer 2011 Regular Season Award Winners

Posted on November 3rd, 2011 by Brian Teeter

Last week at the Summer 2011 All Star game we announced the season’s award winners.  Regular Season Awards are voted on by a select group of league vetrans and they honor the achievements of players in the league.  This season’s award winners were:

Cy Young Award

In a hotly contested contest this season’s Cy Young Award winner was:

Barry Takahashi (CR)

This was Barry’s second Cy Young Award in a row!  He narrowly beat out other top pitchers Justin Newsome, Joel Vandeberg and his teammate Fausto Alosada.

Rookie of the Year:

This season we had two very strong candidates for the Rookie of the Year award.  The winner was:

Tim Page (UD)

Paul beat out other top contenders for the Rookie of the Year award Fausto Alosada and Paul DiPierro.

Gold Glove Award

This year’s Gold Glove award voting was strongly in favor of the winner:

Shantel Medeiros (LW)

Shantel had a great season and was able to beat out other top gloves in the vote including Mikey Marinello and Patrick Merrell.

Manager of the Year Award

This year’s Manager of the Year constructed a brand new team and brought them into the league with an 8-2 debut record.  The winner was:

Mikey Marcotte (LPP)

Mikey did a great job building and managing an all new expansion team.  Plus he’s an all around good guy so it was an easy choice for many voters!  Also high in the voting was Shakes Pedroza who has consistently managed the Lahaina Warriors to winning and dominating seasons.

Most Improved Award

This year’s Most Improved player was one of the top batters in the league and played a key role in the Maui Marlins debut season:

Chad Walla (MM)

Chad was able to come out ahead in the voting over other players like Joel Vandeberg who also had break out seasons.

Kenneth J Talbot III Award

This season we added the new Keneth Talbot III Award to honor his memory by honoring the player that best exemplifies the game of baseball through sportsmanship, community involvement, and positive contributions toward others as he did, on and or off the field.   This season’s award winner was:

Paul Skarbo (KC)

Paul has been instrumental in the forming and management of the MABL since its inception.  He continues to work to promote the best interests of the league and to provide great leadership for the league.  Paul’s soon to be opened Hitter’s Paradise will be a great boon to the Maui community and will help to promote baseball development at the youth, competitive and recreational levels.

Most Valuable Player Award

This season’s MVP award winner legitimately could have won 3 awards this season.  He was in the running for the Cy Young Award, the Rookie of the Year and, of course, the MVP Award.  This season’s MVP is:

Fausto Alosada (CR)

Fausto has established himself as a fearsome hitter and lights out pitcher in just one season in the league.  His play this season was instrumental in boosting the Central Rays to their fourth consecutive league title.

Congratulations to all the Summer 2011 award winners!

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Open Scrimmage Sunday @ Kihei at 9:30am

Posted on November 2nd, 2011 by Brian Teeter

We’re planning our first off season scrimmage this weekend at Kihei.  The game will start at 10am, be at the field at 9:30am to warm up for for team selection.  Please bring $5-10 to chip in for the umpire and baseballs for the game.

If you are new to the MABL, or you have friends who are interested in joining MABL have them come out to the scrimmages.  This is a great way for new players to get back into baseball and to meet some of the other players and managers.

We will be having regular scrimmages every Sunday from now until the next season starts early next year.  We will be posting a schedule online soon of locations and dates.  But for now its safe to assume we’ll have a scrimmage every Sunday for the rest of the year except Christmas day.  Locations will vary from week to week but we will try to have an even mix of west side, south side and upcountry dates.

I know many of you are interested in the new rules for free agency, and the new rules for new players joining the league. I will be sending out via email and posting on the web site a detailed description of the changes we are making and in some cases, why we are making those changes.  Stay tuned, I should get it done in the next day or two, depending on other commitments.

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