Summer 2011 Regular Season Award Winners

Posted on November 3rd, 2011 by Brian Teeter

Last week at the Summer 2011 All Star game we announced the season’s award winners.  Regular Season Awards are voted on by a select group of league vetrans and they honor the achievements of players in the league.  This season’s award winners were:

Cy Young Award

In a hotly contested contest this season’s Cy Young Award winner was:

Barry Takahashi (CR)

This was Barry’s second Cy Young Award in a row!  He narrowly beat out other top pitchers Justin Newsome, Joel Vandeberg and his teammate Fausto Alosada.

Rookie of the Year:

This season we had two very strong candidates for the Rookie of the Year award.  The winner was:

Tim Page (UD)

Paul beat out other top contenders for the Rookie of the Year award Fausto Alosada and Paul DiPierro.

Gold Glove Award

This year’s Gold Glove award voting was strongly in favor of the winner:

Shantel Medeiros (LW)

Shantel had a great season and was able to beat out other top gloves in the vote including Mikey Marinello and Patrick Merrell.

Manager of the Year Award

This year’s Manager of the Year constructed a brand new team and brought them into the league with an 8-2 debut record.  The winner was:

Mikey Marcotte (LPP)

Mikey did a great job building and managing an all new expansion team.  Plus he’s an all around good guy so it was an easy choice for many voters!  Also high in the voting was Shakes Pedroza who has consistently managed the Lahaina Warriors to winning and dominating seasons.

Most Improved Award

This year’s Most Improved player was one of the top batters in the league and played a key role in the Maui Marlins debut season:

Chad Walla (MM)

Chad was able to come out ahead in the voting over other players like Joel Vandeberg who also had break out seasons.

Kenneth J Talbot III Award

This season we added the new Keneth Talbot III Award to honor his memory by honoring the player that best exemplifies the game of baseball through sportsmanship, community involvement, and positive contributions toward others as he did, on and or off the field.   This season’s award winner was:

Paul Skarbo (KC)

Paul has been instrumental in the forming and management of the MABL since its inception.  He continues to work to promote the best interests of the league and to provide great leadership for the league.  Paul’s soon to be opened Hitter’s Paradise will be a great boon to the Maui community and will help to promote baseball development at the youth, competitive and recreational levels.

Most Valuable Player Award

This season’s MVP award winner legitimately could have won 3 awards this season.  He was in the running for the Cy Young Award, the Rookie of the Year and, of course, the MVP Award.  This season’s MVP is:

Fausto Alosada (CR)

Fausto has established himself as a fearsome hitter and lights out pitcher in just one season in the league.  His play this season was instrumental in boosting the Central Rays to their fourth consecutive league title.

Congratulations to all the Summer 2011 award winners!

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Southeast wins the Summer 2011 All Star Game

Posted on October 31st, 2011 by Brian Teeter

This Sunday the Summer 2011 Northwest and Southeast All Stars faced off in sunny Lahaina for the season ending All Star game. The Southeast All Stars managed to squeeze out a 7-5 win in a tight contest filled with quality pitching, great fielding and clutch hitting.  What a great way to cap off another great MABL season!

Summer 2011 Northwest All Stars

Summer 2011 Southeast All Stars

Joel Starting the game for the SouthEast Team on the hill!

Rede taking some hacks for the Northwest team

Big Joe on the hill for the Southeast All Stars

Rookie of the Year Tim Page a split second before he makes contact

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Summer 2011 Champion Central Rays!

Posted on October 24th, 2011 by Brian Teeter

The Central Rays won the first 2 games in the 3 game series against the Lahaina Warriors to become  the MABL Summer 2011 Season Champions!  The Central Rays continue their record streak of Championships making this their 4th in a row.  Congratulations to the Central Rays for another great season!

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Announcing the 2011 Summer All Stars!

Posted on October 15th, 2011 by Brian Teeter

Thank you everyone who submitted votes in this season’s All Star voting! We had a large increase in the number of votes and this helped us to get a wide variety of opinions on players for All Star consideration.

Without further ado, here are our 2011 All Star Teams!

2011 Northwest All Stars:

Manager: Tom Kowalick

Andrew Michaels
Barry Takahashi
Chase Corneil
Emmett Markulis
Fausto Allosada
Ikaika Neizman
John Reis
Justin Newsome
Kendrick Oshita
Lance Migita
Paul DiPierro
Rai Johnson
Rede Eder
Shakes Pedroza

2011 Southeast All Stars:

Manager: Michael Marcotte

Brian Teeter
Chad Walla
Daimar Tamarack
Dan Bardenhagen
Daniel Morris
Dave Perzinski
Ikaika Tom Sun
Joe Koch
Joel VanDenburg
Michael Marcotte
Miguel Landron
Oscar Duran
Patrick Merrill
Richard Doster
Tim Page

The two All Star squads will be facing off at 12:30pm on Sunday October 30th.  Regular Season awards and All Star team awards will be handed out prior to the game.

(Note: The lists above are sorted alphabetically and not in order of most votes.)

(Note (2): Managers were selected by having the best record in their respective geopgraphical area.)

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Championship Series Begins October 23rd at Maui High

Posted on October 13th, 2011 by Brian Teeter

There is a slight change in the championship series playoffs. Both teams have agreed to change the game schedule as follows.

On October 23rd the Rays and Warriors will face off in a doubleheader at Maui High. The first game will be 9 innings and the second 7 innings.

If a game 3 is required, it will be 9 innings and it will be played at 9am October 30th in Lahaina. The All Star Game will be held immediately after at 12:30pm.

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Rays and Warriors advance to a Championship Series Rematch!

Posted on October 10th, 2011 by Brian Teeter

In Lahaina, the La Perouse Pirates faced off against the Lahaina Warriors for Game 2 of their 3 game series.  The Warriors jumped ahead early, producing a big lead by the 3rd inning.  The Pirates battled back and drew closer each inning, chipping away at the Warriors lead.  Coming into the 9th inning, the game was tied 9-9 with the Pirates scoring 2 more to take the lead 11-9 in the top of the 9th.  The Warriors rallied in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game at 11 but couldn’t get the game winning run in, leaving it stranded on base.  The 10th inning was scoreless and in the 11th both teams had runners on to score, but it was the Warriors who had the clutch single to score the game winning 12th run.

After an action packed 5 hour, 11 inning game, the Lahaina Warriors were able to pull ahead and win 12-11 off a single to the outfield.

At Maui High, the West Side Brewers hoped to knock off the returning champion Central Rays to force a 3rd game in their series.  The game was a pitchers duel with Rai Johnson and  Fausto Alosada facing off and both pitching great and throwing complete games.  The Rays gained a small early lead and the Brewers rallied but could not bring in any runs leaving the bases stranded.  Coming into the 9th inning the Rays held a 4-0 lead and again the Brewers rallied bringing the score to 4-2 before the Rays got the final out.

Congratulations to the Central Rays and the Lahaina Warriors for winning their playoff games this weekend.  Their wins setup a rematch of the Spring 2011 championship series where the same two teams faced off.  Will the Warriors be able to unseat the 3 time champion Rays?  Find out this weekend, the first game is Sunday the 16th at 9am in Lahaina!

Central Rays VS Lahaina Warriors

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Playoffs Week 1 Results

Posted on October 3rd, 2011 by Brian Teeter

This week’s first game featured the La Perouse Pirates taking on the Lahaina Warriors.  After 7 innings of back and forth scoring by both teams, the Warriors pulled away and took game 1 of the series with a 8-4 victory.

In the afternoon game, the 3 time champion Central Rays took on the West Side Brewers.  The Rays jumped out to an early lead scoring 7 in the firstinning on their way to a solid 13-0 win to take game 1 of their series.

The Pirates and Brewers look to bounce back next week in potential double-headers at Maui High and Lahaina.

All 4 Playoff team managers agreed to extend the first game of next week’s double headers to 9 innings in keeping with a regular game.  If needed the 3rd and decisive playoff games will still be 7 innings.    Come out next week to see all the action!

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Playoffs begin Oct 2nd in Makawao!

Posted on September 24th, 2011 by Brian Teeter

The playoffs begin October 2nd in Makawao with the #3 seed Lahaina Warriors facing the #2 seed La Perouse Pirates at 9am followed by the #4 seed West Maui Brewers challenging the #1 seed Central Rays at noon. Don’t miss the pivot first games of the three game series!

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Battle for the final playoff spot comes down to the wire!

Posted on September 17th, 2011 by Brian Teeter

See you for the final week of the season!  It should be exciting with the final playoff spot up for grabs with the Brewers controlling their own fate with a win and they are in the playoffs game against the Rays at 3:30 and the Centipedes need a win over the Warriors at 12:15 and a loss by the Brewers to make the playoffs. The Rays and the Pirates both have a chance to finish in first place as well.

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3 Teams Clinch Playoff Berth

Posted on September 2nd, 2011 by Brian Teeter

The Central Rays, Lahaina Warriors and La Parouse Pirates clinched a playoff berth with victories on Sunday. Seeding is still up for grabs with 2 weeks remaining.

The West Maui Brewers and Kihei Centipedes will battle it out for the final playoff spot. The Brewers and Centipedes play each other Sunday, Sept 11th in Lahaina at 9 am. Both teams control their own fate with 2 games remaining.

Don’t miss any of the exciting action as the Summer 2011 season comes to a close.

Also don’t forget we will be having an open scrimmage game this Sunday, Sept 4th at Kalama Park with the game starting at 10am for anyone interested.

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