Summer 2012 All Star Photos

Posted on November 21st, 2012 by Brian Teeter

Here are a few action shots from this past weekend’s All Star game in Lahaina!


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Congratulations to the Lahaina Warriors!

Posted on November 13th, 2012 by Brian Teeter

The Warriors fought a hard road to make it to the Championship series.  In Week 14 of the regular season, faced with a must-win situation to have a shot at the playoffs, they trounced the Centipedes in a 7 inning rout.

Having made the playoffs as the 4th seed, the Warriors drew a tough playoff match up facing the 5 time defending champion Central Rays.  In a back and forth series, the Warriors faced and defeated the vaunted Rays beating them in a pivotal game 3 to send them to the Championship series.

The Championship series wasn’t going to be easy either, facing off against an always tough La Perouse Pirates squad.  But, the Warriors were ready and swept the series beating the La Perouse Pirates 6-3 and 13 – 7 to capture their first MABL Championship title!

Congratulations to the Warriors, and to all the teams who participated in a great playoff season!

This weekend the MABL All Stars will be facing off in Lahaina at noon.  Prior to the All Star game we will present the Championship Trophy to the Warriors.  We will also hand out regular season awards to the winners.

Come out and check it out!

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Summer 2012 All Star Selections

Posted on November 11th, 2012 by Brian Teeter

Aloha All!

The Summer 2012 Regular Season has come to an end.  It was a great season filled with exciting baseball.  As we roll into the playoffs, I want to announce each team selection’s for the All Star teams.

As you know, each team nominates 3 players from their squad to represent their team in the season ending All Star Game.  In addition, league’s Team Managers and Board of Directors collectively vote to select 6 more deserving players to the All Star game.

This season’s selections are shown below.  Congratulations to all who were selected.

This season’s All Star game will be held next Sunday 11/18 in Lahaina at noon.  Come early to cheer on our older teammates in the first ever 40+ division game preceding the All Star game!  Also, regular season player awards will be announced prior to the All Star game.


All Star Team Managers:

Tom Kowalick – Central Rays (1st place)

Tom will be managing the All Star Team made up of the Rays, Pirates, Brewers and Navigators All Stars.


Rich Doster – Upcountry Dirtbags (2nd place)

Rich will be managing the All Star Team made up of the Dirtbags, Warriors, Marlins and Centipedes All Stars.



All Star Player Selections:


  • Cheney Higa
  • Kevin Spaise
  • Brian Teeter



  • Timmy Tano
  • Dusty Newkirk
  • Carlos
  • Jose Velasco



  • Ryan Silva
  • Chad Walla
  • Cory Wray



  • Oscar Duran
  • Rai Johnson
  • Mikey Marinello
  • John Davis



  • Ikaika Neizman
  • John Reis
  • Anthony Benignio
  • Justin Newsome



  • Sam Davis
  • Jay Rigsby
  • Steve Meriams



  • Tim Page
  • Josh Meier
  • Dave Perzinski
  • Daimar Tamarack



  • Jeremy Loque
  • Aaron Loque
  • Travis Castillo
  • Jonah Abreu
  • James Ballao







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Spring 2012 All Stars Selections

Posted on May 22nd, 2012 by Brian Teeter

This season we decided to shake up the All Star selection process.  Each team nominated 3 of their own to represent their team through a team vote.  The league Board of Directors then voted to add additional All Stars that were “the 4th guy that should have been picked” or who otherwise had outstanding seasons and deserved an All Star nomination. Due to ties in the Board of Directors votes, we ended up with 8 additional all star selections.

Here are your Spring 2012 Maui Adult Baseball League All Stars!


All Stars Red Team   All Stars Blue Team
Manager: Tom Kowalick (CR)   Manager: Mikey Marcotte (LPP)
Tom Kowalick (CR)   Emmett Markulis (LW)
Barry Takahashi (CR)   Ikaika Niezman (LW)
Travis Garen (CR)   John Reis (LW)
Jonah Abreu (CR)   Mikey Marcotte (LPP)
Aaron Loque (CR)   Daniel Morris (LPP)
Dave Harry (CR)   Jay Rigsby (LPP)
Tim Page (UD)   Miguel Landon (LPP)
Pat Merrill (UD)   Dave Perzinski (LPP)
Josh Meier (UD)   Fausto Allosada Jr. (MM)
Rich Doster (UD)   Dugan Koahu (MM)
Rob Morse (UD)   Noah Yamada (MM)
John “JD” Davis (WB)   Chauncey Brown (MM)
Andy Michaels (WB)   Oscar Duran (KC)
Rai Johnson (WB)   Daimar Tamarack (KC)
Rede Eder (WB)   Steve Mearriams (KC)
Jose Velasco (NN)   Brian Teeter (KC)
Dusty Newkirk (NN)  
Eastward Tagan (NN)  


The All Star game will be held in Kihei Sunday June 3rd at 10am!

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Southeast wins the Summer 2011 All Star Game

Posted on October 31st, 2011 by Brian Teeter

This Sunday the Summer 2011 Northwest and Southeast All Stars faced off in sunny Lahaina for the season ending All Star game. The Southeast All Stars managed to squeeze out a 7-5 win in a tight contest filled with quality pitching, great fielding and clutch hitting.  What a great way to cap off another great MABL season!

Summer 2011 Northwest All Stars

Summer 2011 Southeast All Stars

Joel Starting the game for the SouthEast Team on the hill!

Rede taking some hacks for the Northwest team

Big Joe on the hill for the Southeast All Stars

Rookie of the Year Tim Page a split second before he makes contact

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Announcing the 2011 Summer All Stars!

Posted on October 15th, 2011 by Brian Teeter

Thank you everyone who submitted votes in this season’s All Star voting! We had a large increase in the number of votes and this helped us to get a wide variety of opinions on players for All Star consideration.

Without further ado, here are our 2011 All Star Teams!

2011 Northwest All Stars:

Manager: Tom Kowalick

Andrew Michaels
Barry Takahashi
Chase Corneil
Emmett Markulis
Fausto Allosada
Ikaika Neizman
John Reis
Justin Newsome
Kendrick Oshita
Lance Migita
Paul DiPierro
Rai Johnson
Rede Eder
Shakes Pedroza

2011 Southeast All Stars:

Manager: Michael Marcotte

Brian Teeter
Chad Walla
Daimar Tamarack
Dan Bardenhagen
Daniel Morris
Dave Perzinski
Ikaika Tom Sun
Joe Koch
Joel VanDenburg
Michael Marcotte
Miguel Landron
Oscar Duran
Patrick Merrill
Richard Doster
Tim Page

The two All Star squads will be facing off at 12:30pm on Sunday October 30th.  Regular Season awards and All Star team awards will be handed out prior to the game.

(Note: The lists above are sorted alphabetically and not in order of most votes.)

(Note (2): Managers were selected by having the best record in their respective geopgraphical area.)

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2011 MABL All Stars

Posted on May 19th, 2011 by Brian Teeter

As voted on by your fellow players, the 2011 Spring Season All-Star Rosters have been released. Click for the complete All-Star roster.

Mark your calendars and come enjoy the All-Star Game on June 12th in Kihei at Kalama Park. The game starts at 10 am. Come see if the South East team can get revenge on the North West team for last season’s all-star game victory. Year end Awards will be announced immediately following the game along with a potluck barbaque at Kalama Park.

Please note that the Board of Directors or Commissioner had no say in forming the teams other than to tally the votes and count as one of the 30 players that voted.

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